Info Shake: Digital Detox – a trend or a must?

When traveling, we share our emotions in social networks, make tons of selfies, and connect with everyone via online translations. But do we actually live up every moment, here and now?

Some years ago, a deliberate refrain from using various devices – tablets, laptops, and smartphones – seemed like a science fiction tale. Still, numerous social polls reveal the truth: people are tired of virtual reality and want to leave it for the real world. The world where sincere conversations are more valuable than chatting in messengers, where you catch all those little things you might have missed while looking at the screen, where you don’t need to install an App to meet someone new, and you just need close friends by your side to discover the world in pursuit of happiness.

According to Leo Burnett research, 20% of users – a 1/5 part of a many-million audience – would like to delete their social accounts. Without noticing that, we check our mobile up to 150 times per day, and even when talking with another person, we go on scrolling the newsfeed – by the way, 65% of respondents find it quite normal! No wonder such an information overload makes us stop and finally think: I need a break, sort of reboot, motivation to reconsider this kind of lifestyle.

Such ideas are already in the air, getting their first real implementation. To illustrate, there is a Grounded Camp close to San Francisco offering 4-day retreats in an off-line mode. Probably, the time given by this summer Digital Detox Camp is not enough to completely change your life, but pretty sufficient to reform your attitude and look at yourself at a new angle: is this behavior getting me closer to my dreams I am striving for?

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If you are not yet ready for a dramatic change, you can start little by little, gradually replacing your daily activities. For instance, Digital Detox App will help you control the time spent on devices, while the founders of Social Rehab will ironically prove you that the life without Instagram filters and likes on  Facebook still exists – and its amazing!

#TheTravelShake team stands for fruitful and genuine journeys that will take your life to the next level and help attain all the goals set. And if a week of digital detox seems unbearable, try it at least for a day. Speak with people, memorize vivid moments instead of taking photos and devote time to something you really love. No doubts you will look at the things differently and get so many experiences, lively and sincere.

Actually, we know an even better solution – go off on a digital detox trip together with #TheTravelShake Team! When new knowledge brings fun and joy, a team of fellow thinkers is ready for adventures and communication, and each destination makes your heart beat faster, it inspires you to feel as part of this project and forget about on-line reality, at least for a while.

Digital Detox in the Altai Mountains (Russia)

We organize tours in #adventure_shake format to show you the places which are difficult to access. All of our journeys are meant to show you the world as it is and strike a balance in your lifestyle. Be ready for Digital Detox Challenge!


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