21 – 27 October. ARTtour in New York. Contemporary art quest

About your trip:
  • October, 21-27: 6 days / 5 nights
  • : 1700 $
  • : 14
  • : 14
What’s included:
  • Accommodation in 4-5 star hotel with breakfast
  • Transfers by comfortable mini bus
  • Private excursions with art historian
  • Photo shooting
Additional charge:
  • Flight to New York and back
  • Meals (lunch, dinner)
  • Evening activities (optional)
  • Insurance

New York is a city with a signature character and incomparable ambient. It fills you up with energy and inspires from the first sight. The biggest metropolis of the USA is rich in cultural and business life. We have chosen this destination for our first #art_shake tour for a reason. New York is as well the key hub of contemporary art.

#TheTravelShake_NewYork journey is dedicated to contemporary art and New York, cutting-edge and lively. The goal of this project is to feel the spirit of the city through contemporary art and cultural events. The Metropolitan, The Guggenheim, МoМА, Whitney – we discovered the masterpieces of these museums together with an art-expert following the advanced method. New York is definitely standing out of the crowd and so do our art-walks!

So, let’s get it started! We will shake you!


Morning, afternoon. Hello, New York! At the airport, Russian-speaking drivers meet our dear guests with flowers and interesting local stories.

We picked up Deluxe Queen Double rooms (enhanced double room with two Queen size beds) to conveniently accommodate our participants.

Evening. After check-in, we are dressing up to meet each other at the Rooftop bar. At The Travel Shake we are convinced that a night date with New York and the team should be unforgettable, lit up by the big city lights.


Morning, afternoon. Today we have a city tour in a super-convenient bus. We will look at the main sightseeing spots from a new angle: exciting both for experienced travelers as well as for those who are new in town.


Key highlights of our city tour:

Rockefeller Centre

A multifunction complex includes offices, restaurants, a shopping center, TV studios and Radio City Hall. This long-loved location is decorated with contemporary installations and bronze sculptures created by New York-based artists. Here, at the height of 259 meters, you will discover the best observation deck in town called Top of the Rock. During the festive season, it is lovely to pass by the biggest Christmas Tree or go skating and feel the winter miracle.

West Village

A famous Manhattan area is nicknamed Little Bohemia. Looking like a cozy European town, it is a perfect place to have a cup of coffee. No wonder that here you can find the flat of Carry Bradshaw from worldwide successful series Sex and the City. A brilliant destination to remember the stories of the protagonists and once again confess in love to New York!

Photo: @ekaterina_dashkovskaya

Photo: @ekaterina.dashkovskaya

Battery Park

We could not skip the place where the city’s heritage is rooted. This park is the most historic site in New York, where the first immigrants were arriving. A wonderful green zone and waterfront give a magnificent view on the nation’s symbol – Statue of Liberty.

9/11 Memorial

The memorial located on Ground Zero is dedicated to the victims of terroristic act on September, 11 in 2001.

It is represented by two square fountain pools in the basis of the former Twin Towers, with water flowing like a cascade on the inner walls. The names of 2 983 victims are engraved on 76 bronze plates. The names are placed in a strict order based on the data about the approximate location of the victims and their distance from each other at the moment of the attack, according to the company they were working for in WTC. In order to complete this idea, a specific software was designed and implemented.

Brooklyn Bridge

No doubts, this is one of the most iconic landmarks in NY! We could not resist the temptation of walking along the waterfront close to the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed the view.

After the tour, the group split up for some time to complete all the activities planned. Most members headed to a pizzeria with Irena, while the others were preparing for a night out. In the meantime, some of the participants had a dream photo shoot surrounded by the lights of the city beside the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photo: @alinakaro

Photo: @alinakaro

Evening. Here comes the long-awaited night out at Broadway! Right in the heart of New York, we saw the legendary musical Chicago with our own eyes: criminal romantic and all that jazz! After the show, we got to know the actors in person. The rest of the evening flew by in a cozy ambient: discovering New York at night, walking on Times Square and drinking cocktails in a nice bar on the way.


Photo: @alinakaro


Morning, Afternoon. Today marks the start of our art program. Our excursions follow a progressive educational methodology actively used at schools and museums in the USA.

Our first art-walk takes place in the most famous museum of New York – The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET). It is dedicated to the development of art, from classics to contemporary, and grasps the art objects of different styles.

We go up the roof with an amazing view over Manhattan and visit an impressive exhibition of contemporary art. Our cultural expedition has just started – a perfect reason to celebrate with a glass of Prosecco! By the way, when visiting the museum, don’t forget to devote some time to the rooftop: many visitors skip this hidden secret and miss out one of the most spectacular panoramic views!

After the excursion, there are more exciting plans to come: a professional street style photo-session. The Travel Shake Team has chosen Flatiron Building and Times Square as the shooting locations. They transmit the spirit of the city and arouse incredible emotions when making photos.

Photo: @alinakaro

Evening. Today’s night out is all about Bohemian chic! The Metropolitan Opera opens its doors for the #Thetravelshake_newyork team – an iconic stage hosting the best artists and top international premiers.  The building itself impress both inside and outside: scarlet curtain made in silk and Mark Chagall murals worth your attention.

After watching the opera, we would recommend walking around the city or having some champagne in a lobby bar.


Another day is coming, and its vibrant energy fills us with positive vibes from the very morning!

Morning afternoon. We are having a quick breakfast in an authentic Italian market Eataly – and obviously make some photos.

Our art-expert designed a unique quest especially for us: guided tour in the best contemporary art museum of the world MoMA with engaging discussions.

We are divided into the groups of 4 people. Each group receives a guidebook carefully elaborated for our tour – with original tasks, questions, and discussion topics. Guide moderates the conversations, while the participants talk about the paintings.

Each group has their own paintings in different art styles. After examining them in detail, the groups mix up, and each member has something interesting to share. This way, everyone has an opportunity to feel like an art expert and communicate her own view on the symbolism of masterpieces by Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian and other famous artists.

This format is indeed engaging: a shake of interactive communication among the participants mixed with fruitful information about artists and their creations in an easy and enjoyable way.

Evening. After such an inspiring excursion the evening should correspond to our mood. We are heading to an immersive show Sleep no more. This out-of-the-box play is based on Macbeth by Shakespeare. We are putting on white Venetian masks, getting ready for one-of-a-kind journey in the maze of an abandoned hotel McKittrick.

The decorations surrounding the spectators are beyond the ordinary: a chapel, baths full of blood, striptease, a cemetery with cold earth, a ballroom, a medical station. Paradoxically, every one can choose their own route to discover the place. If you are staying close to the protagonists, making eye contact, it is highly likely that you will eventually become a part of this show yourself. And it is mesmerizing… Don’t be surprised if Lady Macbeth in person will ask you to give her the nightgown and dress her up! If you have an open mind, big curiosity and are 16 years of age or older, The Travel Shake definitely recommends you to pay a visit and feel like a hero from Shakespeare’s stories.

After the play, we gather with #TheTravelShake_newyork team on the rooftop in a restaurant of the McKittrick hotel. No time to sleep in this city!


Morning, afternoon. Today’s highlight is an incredible Guggenheim museum . We discuss how contemporary art transforms over the time and how it absorbs – or, to the contrary, contradicts – accepted social norms.


Evening. Today we have two photo locations in mind. Starting at the elegant Madison park, our girls’ team moves to bustling Times Square when the sun goes down. These photo moments of #thetravelshake_newyork tour are so special – in the light of neon ads, in the place nicknamed the center of the world!


Participants are enjoying a helicopter flight over Manhattan. The birds’ eye view on New York is truly spectacular! Don’t miss the chance to see the skyscrapers in the twilight and have a look at the Central Park, a huge oasis in the middle of the stone jungles of Manhattan.

At night we meet up on Times Square, making photos, dining deliciously in a restaurant and drinking champagne.


Morning, afternoon. The last day of our art-shake tour is devoted to Whitney museum of American art

Evening. We wish our #thetravelshake_newyork tour would never end. But tomorrow almost all the participants will spread to different corners of the world.

We  spend our marvelous good-bye evening in one of the most savory and welcoming places in New York. We raise our glasses of champagne, laughing loudly, remembering the most vivid moments, making photos and planning new encounters!


Our #thetravelshake_newyork tour comes to an end! It is time to pack our suitcases.

New York is still watching us outside the car windows. The lights of Big Apple are shining bright, as if waving us good-bye and inspiring us, and then the plane takes off, bringing us forward, to the new beginnings, big dreams and achievements.

And we are completely convinced that #Thetravelshake_newyork project is much more than just art walks in museums. It means discovering inspiration in everything around us.

Find your own inspiration with The Travel Shake! Remember: each journey is much more than amazing memories. It can actually change all your life, taking it to the next level – together with new contacts, drive, and brand new ideas!

Photo: @ekaterina.dashkovskaya

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