“We believe that traveling is much more than amazing memories. It can actually change your life”

Who we are

“We believe that traveling is much more than amazing memories. It can actually change your life, taking it to the next level – together with new encounters, drive and brand new ideas. Our goal is to make each of your journeys count. Our projects bring together inspiring people and share with you unique knowledge and unbelievable destinations. You will have the time of your life, bringing back home the best experiences as well as gorgeous professional photos. We will shake you!” – Irina and Maria, The Travel Shake project founders.


Irina Galtsova

Co-Founder | The Travel Shake

Traveling is my passion. With this motto in my mind, I started my journey towards adult life. An ambitious girl eager to discover this world, I used to be an 18-year-old applicant following my childish dreams. So, the choice of my vocation was made, at once and with no further doubts. Obtaining a prestigious diploma in my hometown in Altai, I was moving forward to make all my dreams come true.

In St. Petersburg, a brand new start was awaiting me – International Economics Degree in English. The events were changing each other like a kaleidoscope: academic practice in Switzerland at international organizations, volunteer program bringing together the students from all over the world to teach English classes at schools in Brazil, high-profile position at a big Russian bank.

Then, a new period of my life came in. Soul searching. Discovering new talents and inspiration in my inner world. I need to confess that I am a sophisticated aesthete, seeing the beauty in the harmony of lines, colors, and proportions. I value creativity and fresh ideas. Love to create and contemplate. I love life. And travel a lot. One of my long-loved destinations is London, where I used to learn about style and making prints on textile.

A new chapter in my life was brought to me by The Travel Shake project. I am excited to implement my rich experience in traveling, international communications, personal growth and insights in management and marketing, and what is even more important – I want to grow further, since all the doors are open for us! It is time to create my own concept – fruitful and inspiring both for myself and the people around.



Maria Shpakova

Co-Founder | The Travel Shake

There is a quote from one of my favourite books Eat.Pray.Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert that clearly depicts my personality: “My sister had a friend who used to think that Catherine had two or three younger sisters, because she was always hearing stories about the sister who was in Africa, the sister who was working on a ranch in Wyoming, the sister who was the bartender in New York, the sister who was writing a book, the sister who was getting married—surely this could not all be the same person?”

Oh, it reminds me of myself so much! Seems that my sister as well has several older sisters. The first one is a career-minded workaholic making presentations on real estate market in Moscow and London for a top consulting firm. Wearing only heels for work, she is always busy, never leaving home without a laptop. She gets inspiration from big city life, adores opera and art galleries and loves jazz cafés. Another one is a tender mom, giving cute dresses to her daughter on her birthdays, baking ginger cookies together, dancing to Beyoncé, playing the piano, basking on the beach all day long, reading wine books and studying Italian. The third one is a fearless tour guide in the mountains. You can find her on the stones in a thin sleeping bag in the middle of the Swiss Alps, or reaching remote caves with speleologists at the Caucasus, or crossing an ice-cold lake barefoot in Altay.

To combine all these activities, skills, and talents, I had to find a worthy project, where there would be space for hard work, creativity, innovation and pro-activity. A business that brings everything together: interesting contacts and conversations, lots of music, sport, motion, art, new knowledge, beautiful views, traveling and happy mood!

Since it was not easy to find it, this business had to be founded.

It is hard to believe that just one year ago, making a photo for the press-wall as a leading expert on commercial real estate, I was planning the projects and placing Christmas decorations on my desk at an amazing office in the center of Moscow, although they would not fit in on the table… same as my ambitions and dreams.

Following my inner feelings, I took a decision to leave my prestigious post, and that was the moment when my life started to change dramatically. I met inspiring people who opened my eyes wider to this world. Each day was brand new, and each day was a gift making everything around me even brighter.

So, when an opportunity of starting a new project appeared in front of me – a project that inspires people and fills their lives with colors, I didn’t hesitate long.

Because The Travel Shake means inspiration!