Art in galleries of London
17.11.2018 - 23.11.2018
2250 €

London is the world’s museum capital, and therefore a brilliant destination for our new art-shake. Key ingredients: a touch of Soho bustling nightlife mixed with the elegance of the Thames river, all seasoned by the treasures of contemporary art. Such a tempting agenda will surely delight your taste!

We will discover the authenticity of British art at Tate Britain, learn about creative development of impressionists, rebellious and controversial, at National Gallery, and appreciate the values and vision behind provocative contemporary artworks at Tate Modern.

6 дней / 5 ночей Приятный бонус: Звездные гости –  встречи с интересными людьми, которые живут в Лондоне
Направление: #art_shake Отель: W Leicester Square
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